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instead of showing only this and the panel /download, you should add even a download manager in the style of safari/firefox.


this means: last added downloads are visible on the bottom, other hidden files on the button (because there is no enough space on the bottom), without need to open a tab to access /download.


options like pause, restart, delete should be available


Conclusion: both option should be available at the same time.


EDIT: about comments below, other related suggestion are available in the comment of this post


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@edgesuggestionsWhy in the style of other browsers? Edge is unique.

@Kam i don't like this message 





instead of apri file (open) edge should show us reveal in finder. open can be done with 2x.


what i like: once i click open, edge hide the bar 


about Edge is unique.

this is edge






this chrome





there is not a lot difference


there is no way to reload stopped or reload all


same for chrome



plus if you are a datahoarder, you don't see such files in the bar, because you download so many files. this is why a scrollable button is much better. now there are extension, but a lot creates conflicts or they disable the bottom bar (so only 1 is active). i think is much better if both are available, the bottom for normal hoard activities, the button for extreme hoard activities.


this has nothing to do with "copy feature from other browser", because even firefox and safari are not perfect. 







@edgesuggestions So what? I can go with what I like.

@Kam yes you can write what you like another similar post

@edgesuggestions Deal, I will check it out.