New Dev Build Today

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We’ve updated you to the latest build.

This is Microsoft Edge Dev Build

The funny thing is, when one hits More on anything there ⬆ it directs them to this forum, lol.  Come here to learn "What's new".  And to send feedback... not sure on what, though, as, still, don't know "what's new" in this Build. Ahem.  Well, except for giving syncing with Android mobile a shout-out as 'New'.  Anything else 🤷🏻‍:male_sign: Nothing jumping out at me, just yet.

Canary updated (today) as well.  It can't seem to break that habit.


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One of those cards listed on the page you linked has a link back to the Tech Community post which lists the change log for the build.

To save you time here it is.


If you wouldn't mind marking this as best response to save other people time who thought the same. Thanks, Cameron.




Hi, just updated to Dev 76.0152.0 trying spellcheck (which is available to all?) but not to my 18894 with language. Button is greyed out.

Which languages have spellcheck presently?


I would also like to see more detailed Change Logs so I know what area to focus on when I am upgraded to the latest build.
Agreed - Updates carrying a "what's new listing.

@David Elliott 

Until I have time to check... I know it does work with English (Canada) & US Keyboard.  Although, all I find is "for everyone".