New Add Text Feature for PDFs in Microsoft Edge




This is Microsoft Edge Version 91.0.859.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


with this feature, you can add text to PDF with your keyboard, not just using pen which is only good for touch screens.


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I had that feature but suddenly it disappeared do you know how can I get it back? 

Hey @LuisAvila!


There was a bug with this feature that made it to Stable, the fix is in the works to bring it back as expected. Thanks so much for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience. Glad you're enjoying it! =)


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Hello, I have enjoyed this feature but once I add text is there any way for me to delete it? In the same way as when you use the draw tool you can use the Eraser and delete it?
Hey there! You should be able to select the 'add text' button again, then select the text you've added to get the menu for this text back and delete using the trash can there.

Hi, @Alexandra-R,


I tried to use the text box function on MS Edge, but it still doesn't appear to available. I have ensured everything on my system is up to date.  Thanks for your help, have a great day. 



I really like the add text feature but the text boxes are all being rotated left in one of my PDF files. Is there a way to fix this?


Thanks in advance.



Expected Success

When I added regular text .. such as ... ["Hello"] I see my changes ... on top of the PDF.


Unexpected Failure

When I added text with perhaps newer symbols such as [":infinity:️Hello"] the change is not visible ... unless I click again on the area.


I have not done extensive testing.


Any suggestions ?



On my Edge web page at this MS Site .... I see :infinity: instead of the desired newer symbol