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Hi . Im on Microsoft Edge Version (Official build) canary (64-bit).I can watch youtube videos with no problems,but when i watch netflix.I get sound with no video(blackscreen).I did enable PlayReady DRM,Widevine DRM,PlayReady Experimental HEVC Decoding , Please HELP

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I wonder if, for some few sites they might not be "Edge C Ready" or compatible with it by the time of its release.  I'm talking where one cannot, really, point a finger at the (new) browser, but, at the lagging web site. Should this be an issue , at all.  Ideally, it should,  never, happen and while the onus is on the site, some don't seem to have their act together or on time, sometimes.  Assuming a browser is well designed & built, sites, should work, period.  And, if not, good chance that site is to blame, even, if it's for what they didn't do.  "Legacy software" is oft used a way of saying, "Oh, we are not up to date". Fix that rather than fault the browser.

NB: The thing sure is a snappy, quick, lil bugger!  Zing & whoosh.  **bleep** little (time) waiting for anything.



Netflix performance issues are also reported in the thread "Netflix Performance & Issues", 4/10/19, and the suggestions in that thread might be helpful. Do a search for "Netflix" in the "Search this space" box on the Discussion page and you will quickly find that thread.


I searched boards relating to (1) Chromium (Linux) and (2) Chrome (Windows/Linux) this morning, checking for similar reported issues with either browser (both built on the Chromium/Blink/V8 base on which Edge Chromium is built).


I did not find anything addressing this specific issue, which suggests that neither Chromium users nor Chrome users are encountering the issue with any frequency. I have seen some threads discussing issues with Widevine DRM.


The most common suggestions for resolving Netflix streaming video issues on both browser platforms are: (1) reload/restart the browser; (2) check to see if the Netflix video runs properly in "icognito mode", and if it does, then completely clear the browser cache (history, cached images/files, hosted app data); (3) troubleshoot by disabling extensions, one by one, and checking to see if the problem resolves; and (4) specify a single DNS (apparently Netflix has some problems with DNS switching). I don't know if any of these suggestions will be helpful.


Along the lines of troubleshooting extensions, you might also troubleshoot by disabling PlayReady DRM, Widevine DRM, and PlayReady Experimental HEVC Decoding to check if any of those are creating the problem.


Please consider reporting this issue through the Feedback button in order to help the Edge team test/determine whether this issue is related to something in Verison Version

@candleguyIt might be the antivirus.I have the same problem in my desktop(I have Bitdefender total security),in my laptop(I have windows defender)I don't have any problem with Netflix.

@iraklis70   "It might be the antivirus.I have the same problem in my desktop(I have Bitdefender total security),in my laptop (I have windows defender) I don't have any problem with Netflix."


Assuming that you are using the same Edge Chromium build on both desktop and laptop, Bitdefender (or a setting within Bitdefender) sounds like the likely culprit.


Other possibilities to think about are (1) whether Netflix worked on your desktop with earlier Canary builds, but stopped working when you upgraded to Version, (2) whether you made any other changes in the Canary configuration (added extensions, changed settings) between the last time Netflix worked properly on your desktop and the time when it broke, and (3) other differences (Windows configuration, installed browser extensions and so on) between your desktop and laptop computers.


A resource that I didn't think you mention yesterday might be of some help to you. If you look at the Discussion top page, you'll see a "Get Support" link on the right side. When you click on that link, you'll see a "Contact Support" link. I haven't used it, but I remember Elliot Kirk mentioning it as an option.


Troubleshooting is always a pain, but you'll get to the bottom of it sooner or later. When I'm troubleshooting, I work my way through the process, and half the time when I figure it out, I think "Duh, why didn't I think of that earlier?" Good luck to you.


When you do figure it out, please post the solution so that anyone else encountering the issue or a similar issue will have the benefit of your experience.

@candleguy @iraklis70 


A quick apology to you both.  In my response above, I didn't notice that it was @iraklis70  who wrote about Bitdefender, and my response was written as if @candleguy had written about Bitdefender.


I hadn't thought about AV issues in my first response, because I use Windows Defender across the board, but if @candleguy is using a third-party AV, it might well be the culprit.  The tech boards are full of discussions about AV issues locking down computers in ways that interfere with this or that website.  @iraklis70 may have nailed it.  If you are running a third-party AV, @candleguy I'd look first at firewall settings.




"It might be the antivirus.I have the same problem in my desktop(I have Bitdefender total security),in my laptop (I have windows defender) I don't have any problem with Netflix."

Ah ha, you're, very, right!  That may well be the culprit, the cause. Wouldn't be the 1st time. It's quick & easy to test the possibility!  And, probably worth the wee time & effort.

And Windows Security is a fine choice, anyway, in general.


Its must be something wrong on your side, because I use Microsoft Edge Canary And I have no problem to watch on netflix on my Desktop, and I use only Microsoft Defender on my computer. As other wrote in this, maybe you have something who is blocking Netflix, like Antivirus . Did you have this problem on older version?

@candleguy  This is the help/support post that I was thinking about:


From the thread "Offering feedback in build and asking for help", Elliot Kirk (an MS employee who monitors this forum):   "If you are stuck and need help getting unstuck, we have support ready to assist you. You can find our help by clicking the '...' and then selecting 'Help and Feedback' and finally 'Help'. You can shortcut all that by pressing F1, or just clicking this link:"




@tomscharbachNetflix works fine for me...Windows 10 Version 1903 OS Build 18362.86 64-bit and Edge Version (Official build) canary (64-bit).

I use Windows 10 Security, and no third party AV program.

No problems playing Netflix, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.


@davequail @PatriciaMvdW 


Netflix works fine for me, too.  (Dev, stock W10 1809, Windows Defender, no bells or whistles in either W10 or the Edge Chromium browser).


However, quite a number of people are reporting issues with Netflix in the Edge Chromium, not unlike the problems that were reported in Edge (Classic) in 2017. 


I don't know what is causing the issues for those who have them.  The only thing I can suggest is to document the issue as carefully as possible, and report the issue to Feedback and Windows Edge Support.  Windows is pushing the envelope on streaming, and issues are inevitable.   


Our job as testers is to provide Microsoft with as much information as possible so that Microsoft can identify, replicate and resolve the issues.

Still have this exact same behaviour on dev build

@s_lewis Netflix and Youtube still working for me on Edge Canary 64-bit. Have never had a problem on Canary with these sites.