Netflix playback Resume Stutter

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Every time I pause a video on netflix and move to another tab or another windows, the video stutters on resuming playback. It lags, goes pitch dark for a second, then the video is resumed. 
I have seen this bug since very early versions but it still hasn't been fixed. After today's dev build update, I thought maybe I should ask for a solution or maybe it's just me and my friend with this issue.

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@jenabaivab We appreciate you reaching out and letting us know. A couple of questions for you:


  1. Does this same behavior happen on any other Microsoft Edge channels?
  2. Are you trying to use Netflix in 4K or with PlayReady DRM?
  3. Have you tried turning the hardware accelerator off?
  4. If you haven't yet, can you and your friend please submit detailed feedback and diagnostic data through the browser? (Shift+Alt+I)


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