Netflix Playback Issue

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Hello everyone,

I cannot watch any content on Netflix. Playback always returns an error of the sort:


This only happens with Netflix as far as I know. Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, YouTube all work properly.

This also only occurs when I have hardware acceleration turned on.

I can watch Netflix with no problems on any other browser on my system.

Dev Build 89.0.723.0

All experimental flags set at default.

Screenshot (42).png


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so with hardware acceleration off in here: edge://settings/system
on the same Edge channel/version, Netflix has no problem.
what's your GPU?

also if you haven't already, please submit a feedback about this using feedback button on Edge.

@HotCakeX I am using an RX 590 on the latest drivers 20.12.1

This has been an issue for some time for me.

I have my computer connected to my school email and it does not allow me to submit feedback because of policies managed by my organization

You can contact support from here as well: