Netflix error code D7353-5101 after Dev channel update to

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Netflix will autoplay content on main menu screen but does not play anything when selecting individual content; end up getting error code D7353-5101 after the new update.

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@George_Alonzo I get a similar issue. The code I receive is:

Error Code: D7361-1253

There are similar error codes reported but they start with an H

I am getting this error too. Edge has been very buggy with Netflix since beta release.

@George_Alonzo Even I am also experiencing the same problem. 

@rahuljain073 Same Problem with the EDGE Chromium Final release - 80.0.361.54


Watching Netflix works, but mostly after i've reloaded the Site multiple times. also when i watch a season , before the new episode is starting - NETLIX ERROR CODE D7353-5101


If i reload the website multiple times, the video starts playing - but i have to do this on every new episode ... that is kinda annoying.


but edge outperforms google chrome on low end devices. my intel pentium N struggles with netflix on google chrome - but because edge is using the internal windows media DRM windows - service, it's working perfectly fine .- at least IF the video is playing and not interrupted with that NETLIX ERROR CODE D7353-5101 error screen ;)

@George_Alonzo Oddly, I recently purchased a set of Corsair Virtuoso wireless headphones and noticed the problem does not occur when I have audio going through the headsets. It is only when using my PC audio that I get the error. If I start a video with audio going through the headphones and then switch to the PC, it will continue to play. 


I ended up disabling hardware acceleration in the browser to get it to go away completely. 

Unintentionally figured out how to fix this error for me
1) Access "edge://flags/" through your address bar
2) Search for DRM
3) Enable "PlayReady DRM for Windows 10" and disable "Widevine DRM"
4) Restart the browser

Tengo el mismo problema en la Versión 81.0.416.68 (Compilación oficial) (64 bits) @George_Alonzo 

Uninstalling the netflix app may work in some cases, worked for me

Thanks a lot mate! I had to use chrome due to this issue, but this fix totally works!!! @RayanOvelha 

Update: @Rachit_Jain 


You are right after some time, the problem started reappearing. My Win10 app also not working. 


You can disable hardware acceleration in Edge settings. But I have observed video quality decreases significantly. So one should better use Chrome if they dont want to view 1080p or 4K.


However, after few restarts and refresh, Netflix streams on Episode. Quite frustrating, if you are binge-watching. 


Microsoft needs to work this out. Otherwise no point of me (or anyone else for that matter) to use Edge. 



i just started using EDGE with the 2004 update by 25/06/2020, and this is the error code I got. so far I like edge, but if such problems keep occurring I will stop using it,@George_Alonzo 

Same error message. I'm using Edge Dev Version 85.0.564.8.

Unfortunately, this fix didn't work for me.

I also can's watch Prime Video or Hulu with this version of Edge.
This works everyone, try this first.

This solved for me, thanks !