Need the ability to set IE Mode as default for certain sites.


I have been testing IE Mode with SharePoint Foundation 2013 and it works great. But if this was to be adopted by end users we really need a way to keep a list of sites or make book marks that always open in IE Mode so that a user does not have to go to More Tools / Show this page in internet explorer every time they open the site. 

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Thanks for the link, this would do exactly what I need except that even though I meet the requirement the GPO objects and registry settings are missing from my computer. I wounder if this is because it is domain joined? It lists GPO objects
Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Edge.

Double-click Configure Internet Explorer integration 
This object does not exist on my system and the there is no Edge Folder in the registry under


On the face of it I would think I was missing the CU or Security Patch or that Edge was not updated but its at 77 and I double checked all the updates so I'm a bit at a loss.



Same issue here so I decided to look under other things listed as Edge or Microsoft Edge and eventually found that option. Seems their listing may need to be updated. I found this setting under Administrative Templates -> Microsoft Edge


Hope this helps.