Need more than just only 8 speed dials in new tab page.


Every standard web browser out there has the capability to have so many speed dials. Even opera desktop browser has the ability to organize speed dials in a folder according to one's needs. then what is the point to restrict within only 8 speed dials ?


I have some feedback on this.

1. Allow us to re-edit( i mean the url and speed dial names)

2. Allow us to have ability to pin as many as speed dials on new tab page 

3. Also Allow Folders for organizing the speed dials on the new tab page

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I wonder whether they are listening or not ! @HotCakeX . I find a few more half-yearly posts on this topic and still they aren't addressed !!

They are, it's more effective to send feedbacks through feedback button on Edge though. I usually get results using that method
I would like if they add one more row, and sync those 16 with edge android