Need help from Microsoft SmartScreen Team to fix dangerous warning on our website

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Our website,, is getting a "This site has been reported as unsafe" warning when visiting urls on the website like...


We have gone through the official process of submitting multiple tickets to remove the incorrect flagging, but have not received any replies from the SmartScreen team or seen any change in status to our site. Basically any page on the website except the root domain is getting marked as dangerous.


We are an online invoicing services company and therefor collect a lot of data from users in order to save invoicing information to their accounts. I believe that we are being incorrectly flagged by Microsoft bots because of that. There is nothing malicious about our website and our servers are super secure.


How do we get this warning removed from our website? We get multiple support tickets everyday from our Edge users complaining that the site is coming up as dangerous. We have been trying to resolve this for the past 2 weeks but have not received any responses from Microsoft.

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Try disconnecting and reconnecting the property through Bing Web Master, It might show you the problem through notification. Also, Try Site Scan and Inspection aswell.
Thanks for the suggestion. Web Master isn't giving me any info regarding the dangerous warning.
Thanks for sharing, there is a option in the red screen, click the "more info" and press report as safe website..

Follow prompts and report it!