My issues with Microsoft Launcher (feedback)

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I used to love Nova launcher. I think it is the most complete launcher available for Android. However I am an avid Windows 10 + Office 365 user so I had to give MS launcher a go. It went well. I am using it right now as my daily launcher and I love it. Especially "Glance". I think that "Glance" is the most important feature of MS launcher. It integrates well with Outlook and To-Do. Also the option to add custom widgets make it awesome. "Glance" should be on the very top of the list of features to be always "developed" and "improved".


Here are my pet peeves regarding MS Launcher.


1. (most important) Long pressing on an icon with a notification badge should show the notification. This is extremely important because I don't want to expand notifications, go through all of them in order to find that particular one. Nova launcher offers this feature, so MS should offer it, too.


2. Glance -> News section is OK. Not as good as google's discovery page but I guess google has more data to mine for this. However, I think it is a good alternative. What I don't like though is that most titles are truncated. For example: "Samsung Galaxy S11 will challenge the A...." ??? (this is a bad UI design paradigm that needs to be shifted asap)


Please, use feedly's approach, or let me choose a smaller font, or show the whole title no matter what.


3. Again, Glance -> News should provide more options for me to personalize my feed (e.g. blogs that I like, special words (e.g. "Samsung", "Nintendo", "Nikon", "World Cup", etc).


4. Sometimes (actually more often than not), a single tap is registered like a "swipe" action. It happens on my Samsung phone often. If this is something that can be fixed that would be great.



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