my edge is behaving like internet explorer.

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for last 3 week edge has been extremely slow. it can't even handle 3-4 tabs without freezing. 

it has logged me out of all my google accounts 3 times. 

i was used to have 30+ tabs with many background apps for over a year.

i tried everything i can, re-installing edge, malware scan and even reported issue.


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Do you have any extensions in the Microsoft Edge?
Are you facing the same issue in InPrivate browsing mode?
Did you install any program before the problem started?
nope, I have not installed any programs or extensions. my usage is also the same. nothing has changed except currently, I am using Chrome.
I cleared all browsing data in the edge and imported it back from the backup. the problem seems to resolve. however, when I try to run the browser bench jet stream tab stops responding, speedometer runs fine.
Thank you for the update.
In related to stop responding error, make sure report it using the feedback option.