My edge beta Version 85.0.564.40 was hacked

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 My edge beta Version 85.0.564.40 (Official build) beta (64-bit) is hacked, i uninstall but sill every time i start, i get this warning from my Eset security software , it seems it couldn't be deleted forever, how to resolve this issue?

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it affect all Edge versions i have

@MarsMas try a reinstall of Edge beta and scan your PC with Microsoft Defender offline scan.

@Rohit Yadav   i did that for many times, but no chance 

Did you select to clean your browsing data as well while uninstalling the beta version?

@Rohit Yadav yes i clicked that 

According to the screenshot, ESET is warning you about an advertisement shown in one of the websites you visited and not that Edge itself is hacked.

Sometimes banner ads in certain unusual websites can contain potentially harmful Javascript and this is what ESET is trying to warn you about. Also, this ESET warning and virus was detected 3 days ago (according to screenshot) so you can choose to ignore it or have it blocked and ESET should stop bothering you.

Do you still get this error if you only visit top websites like twitter, youtube..etc?

@alqab Tank you, yes this is true, i removed this website from my favorited links forever