Music player on the side panel.

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Add a music player to the sidebar for easy switching and rewinding tracks. With support for any sources, for example, Spotify. I really miss this feature.

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Hello @axim702 

I was curious about your idea. Would it be possible to create an image or a modified print of the browser just so we can better understand


это то, что я имею в видуяндекс браузер плеер на боковой&pos=2&

Hello @axim702 


I saw the image
I highlighted the location of the music controls you are wanting


They have a flag on the edge that can work well for you

Anotação 2020-08-14 170946.png


Go to edge://flags/

And search for global-media-controls and active it
I also highly recommend activating global-media-controls-picture-in-picture


I created a gif of how it looks when the flag is activated

media controls.gif