Music Control in tabs

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We all love multitasking and edge is made with focus on multitasking . So , i have a suggestion for the Devs. Is it possible to add some music control in tab menu (play, pause, forward, backward) . It will be very helpful and save time . let say a user working on workspace and listening to music . if he/she wants to change the music , then he/she has to change the tab (alt+tab) just to pause the music . With music control in tab (spotify tab) , it will be very helpful. 

Let the browser to decide the media playing websites and apply this feature .


Do you think it will be Great :grinning_face:?

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@Vaibhav1010 Adding music controls to the tab menu of a web browser, like Microsoft Edge, is a helpful idea for multitasking. This feature would save time and improve the user experience. It could automatically detect media-playing websites, such as Spotify, and provide play, pause, forward, and backward controls. However, it's essential to consider user preferences, privacy, and resource utilization. Users should be able to enable or disable this feature as needed. Gathering user feedback and testing is crucial for assessing its impact on productivity and satisfaction. If implemented well, it could be a valuable addition for those looking to fix speaker sound  while working on various tasks.