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I've been fiddling around with the new Edge and it seems pretty nice thus far. One issue I have is how it handles multiple profiles. I've mostly used Edge to access my workplace O365 environment and have no issues with it - it remembers the login tokens and such just fine and works as you'd expect.


Trying to make a secondary profile for personal use has some problems, though. The management experience is mostly good and smooth, but there are two main issues that bother me for now:

1. The Personal profile always asks me to log in to eg., even though I've logged into with my Personal account using that profile, and shows only that Personal account as a login option. It also remembers the token. This seems strange. is probably also an obvious problem wrt personal/work account differentiation.


2. Profile icons. This goes a bit beyond the boundaries of Edge, but I seem to only be able to set a profile icon in Edge that's for a local, nonsyncing account or to use one profile picture for my entire Microsoft account. I don't think either of these is desirable - Ideally I'd be able to pick an icon specific to Edge that's part of the Edge profile, but doesn't proliferate to show on other Microsoft services (since these often have different contexts - an icon I use to differentiate between browser profiles probably shouldn't have to be the same one that shows up on Tech Community or while collaborating on cloud documents, for example). I'd really love if I could have different icons on different MS services, and if it was clear which services setting a profile icon would apply to on the account settings page.


3. It's not exactly clear how to get a "open Edge using this profile" shortcut for the default profile. I can open Personal-profile pages and pin the icon to the taskbar, but the default Edge shortcut is still for "open last used profile" and you have to go manually edit properties for that to change. Doesn't show the (nonexistent atm) icon the way it does on the Personal profile, either.


4. Installed sites. I'd love to be able to install sites for profiles and have it show. Again, Outlook is one very obvious suspect where I'd like two taskbar icons for my email accounts on the different profiles.


Getting profiles to work amazing with different accounts seems like a thing of decently high importance to me given how Microsoft has a decided personal vs. work split and most of the app websites don't really allow for convenient account switching the same way local apps do as endpoints.


So, what is there is mostly nice, but not smelling the cigar smoke quite yet.

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Microsoft tech community website can have a different picture than your Microsoft account.

which channel you're using that has cookies and session problem with outlook and Office?

You can install sites as an app for each profile in Edge, separately, so that means you can have 2 sites installed as app in Edge and each are logged into different Microsoft account.
I'm on the Beta channel (build 83.0.478.13, 64bit)

As far as app installs, yeah, just tested and it worked great with a non-Microsoft service.

Testing some more, I get the issue on a profile that:
Syncs via a Microsoft Personal account
That I use to login to MS services with that same Personal account
That is not the default profile
A third-party service works and remembers my access tokens/cookies/whatnot fine and logins straight away.

I don't get the issue on a test profile that:
I have NOT set up to sync. Completely local Edge profile
I use to login with the same Personal account as in the problem profile above
That is not the default profile

That test profile works just as you'd expect, ie. as if it was a single-profile browser install and I'd logged into the MS services previously. Puts me straight into etc.

The default work profile has no issues either:
Default profile
Syncs via Microsoft Work account
Used to log in to MS services with that same MS Work account
Is the default profile

So there's something wonky that's specific to syncing Personal-side accounts/profile combos. It's weird.