msedgedriver 87 broken on macOS?

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On our macOS Catalina systems, starting an msedgedriverfrom the 87-version line (e.g. only results in an error message:


dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libc++.dylib
Referenced from: /Users/username/Downloads/./msedgedriver
Reason: image not found


Unless fixed, it is not possible to test Edge 87+ on macOS. It was not an issue with previous releases.

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Can someone at Microsoft take a look and fix this?


If you run : otool -l "path"/msedgedriver, you will see this entry, the @rpath is what seems to be screwing things up. Can someone at microsoft fix this?


Load command 34
cmdsize 48
name @rpath/libc++.dylib (offset 24)
time stamp 2 Wed Dec 31 16:00:02 1969
current version 0.0.0
compatibility version 0.0.0


Also is current and compatibility version should be 0.0.0 ?


I also tried

install_name_tool -change @rpath/libc++.dylib /usr/lib/libc++.dylib path/to/msedgedriver


But after that msedgedriver just crashes and there is not even any error log. Can someone fix this please? "zsh: killed"


@pbihler For us it even happens with the updated versions of 86 (86.0.622.48). Is there a way how to raise that as an issue with MS?