MS Edge Opens up a 2nd tab when opening InfoPath forms

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We have the latest version of Edge installed, and when we click on a InfoPath form, it opens up a new tab and asks us to open up with InfoPath (which is perfectly fine and works great), we are just trying to figure out why it opens up a 2nd tab.

Once you are done with the form, the tab is still open (and empty).


The InfoPath form does NOT open in the browser, it opens the app... obviously in IE, it just opens up the form.

We are using IEMode on the intranet site where these forms live.


So I am trying to track down where it may be doing this.. ideally it would be nice to open up the form without opening up a new blank tab.

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@KevinJ613 Hello,


You may need to send feedback to the Edge team (Alt+Shift+I) and be sure to include your email address if you want to be in-the-know!

Thanks @Kam Unfortunately our company blocks sending feedback to Microsoft, which is why I figured I would post it here. I guess my other option is to call them..


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@Kam Awesome thanks for that link!

@KevinJ613 You're welcome!



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