MS Edge Dev Printing.

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Attempting to print a web page with Frames fails. I am at a  CVS web site and would like to print my list of prescriptions which is listed, I think, in a frame. Using Ctrl P will only print the top frame, not the frame with my list. Right clicking and selecting within the frame gives the same result.

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I am sorry to hear this.  I couldn't find a bug that looked similar to this, but I did open one.  If you find another website that behaves similarly (but doesn't contain your own prescription info) please add it to the thread, and I will add it to the bug.

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Here is a Frames test page that will show the problem.


Right click within the frame on the right and select print. You will not be able to print the entire contents of the frame.

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I've tested MS Edge, MS Edge Dev., Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. All work the same. I've also tested 2 Chrome extension, neither works as advertised.