MS EDGE - blue square, PDF file issue open

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We have issue with EDGE and PDF file. I want to open a pdf file using Adobe Reader, but we have after login default viewer for pdf file EDGE. Interesting is that default browser is every settings EDGE blue square!


Default PDF file is every login settings on this EDGE


We have install EDGE version  100.0.1185.29 (Oficiální build) (64bitová verze)

Powershell recognized:


I set pdf file into Adobe Reader, but after logout from computer is  PDF file asocited in blue EDGE. I want settings PDF always Adobe Reader. It behaves on several computers.

EDGE is politically setting. Thank you for your help.

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Hey, according to my guess the icon is the old Microsoft edge (legacy). it has not been cleared correctly. I also see the same problem. could you see the top one, the ms edge with the icon is the current latest version. if you click the blank one still it is redirected to the one you have.
Do you have windows 10? in windows 10 have this box with "always use this app to open .Pdf files".select that option if you can see it