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MY MS Edge Beta home page Background is not showing

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did you try using the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen?
if you have problem with it and not showing up, you can try restarting your computer,
if that doesn't fix it, try resetting Edge: edge://settings/reset
i try all way
origenal edge show background but Beta is not
image of day is not working but my image is working
by original Edge are you referring to Edge legacy or the new Edge stable channel?
did you try restarting your computer or resetting Edge settings? edge://settings/reset

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Screenshot 2021-03-01 070804.png


Screenshot 2021-03-01 070923.png


i try resetting Edge settings and restarting my computer


Screenshot 2021-03-01 074103.png


that in tool page
133 issues found in home page

Try disabling all of your extensions,

after that, set tracking prevention to balanced: edge://settings/privacy


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@HotCakeX I try all way but original edge and Dev show background but Beta is not image of day is not working. I try resetting Edge settings and restarting my computer. 1st is original 2nd is beta. 3rd image is (my edge home page background I try all way you say).



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You can do 2 things at this point, try uninstalling Edge beta, (Delete user data when asked during uninstall), then reinstall it fresh.

if the problem still exists, you can use the feedback button on Edge to report it
Shortcuts: Alt + shift + i
it will send diagnostic data about your Edge that can help developers solve the problem.