Move "profile/settings" from Dev to Stable?

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Installed the stable release today and successfully upgraded built-in Edge.

That said, is it possible to have ones settings, open tabs, favorites bar, etc moved from the Dev install to the Stable install? i want to be able to switch over but not have to go through all the work of setting things up again. I would have thought that all this would have "synced" over but my Stable install states Sync in On and not really showing anything from the Dev setup.


is t here a folder or files that cane be copied over to the Stable install directory?

Any insight? 


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are you signed into the same Microsoft account in both of your Stable and Dev installations and still you are not seeing anything syncing? no favorites, no passwords?
You can however try copying your profile folder from Edge dev to Edge stable

you can find it by entering Edge:version in address bar

Edge stable's profile directory is here:
C:\Users\WINDOWSUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\User Data\Default


thanks very much for the info.

I signed out of the sync in the Stable and logged in again. I let the sync process complete and eventually saw a few favorite bar shortcuts but not all. I see listed that Tabs would not come over at the moment via sync anyway.


i then copied the Default directory (about 1.7GB in size!) as you suggested from the Dev install over to the Stable install directory but that seems that have only brought over all the Favorite bar shortcuts, Favorites and nothing more. No tabs, history, orother settings.

Not sure if there is something else i should be copying over as well? i would hate to start over.




@Richard Blanco Jr. 

You're welcome, well everything related to your profile and all the user generated content reside in that folder only. it's possible that those data belonging to a higher Edge Dev ver 81 are simply not compatible with Edge stable ver 79.


your History items should be all in a file called History




Your favorites should be all in Bookmarks file and Bookmarks.bak is the backup file




these are the contents i see in

C:\Users\UsernameAppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\User Data\Default

which belong to my Edge canary. try copying them one by one and see how it goes.


also make sure you are signed into both Edge browsers with the same Microsoft account


Thanks. I played around with these and copying files around. Did not really work to be honest. i think it may be related to versions as you alluded to. Oh well.

I may just stay with Edge Dev anyway for everyday. I really cant complain about its stability over time. Never really had any major issues other than little quirks here and there and losing tabs/history on occasion. I wish there was a way to "backup" the entire profile and bring it back in case of something. I am sure there may be something like this for Chrome that would be compatible.


You can keep using Dev until the full sync is implemented (extension + History) so you will be able to seamlessly switch between channels.




thanks again.

Anytime :)