mouse wheel scrolling animation is too long, feels laggy (79.0.301.2 Dev)

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Using 79.0.301.2 Dev, when you scroll with a mouse wheel, either the curve chosen or the actual time duration of the smooth scrolling animation is too long and it's making scrolling feel laggy and slow compared to Chrome.


There is a lot I don't like about Chrome, but when it comes to mouse wheel scrolling, they got the duration of the scroll animation and the curve pretty much perfect, it feels so much more responsive and tight compared to Edge 79.0.301.2. I hope this doesn't come across as disrespectful but whatever is in 79.0.301.2 should be scrapped, just stick with the same curve and duration Chrome uses for mouse wheel scrolling, even if that means it's slightly different than what is used in the rest of Windows. (Also, I don't think scrolling consistency with Windows is a good reason to maintain this new laggy, slower mouse wheel scrolling in Edge because there is a lot of scrolling inconsistency issues throughout Windows, for example, there is no smooth scrolling in File Explorer whatsoever, and it's quite jarring)

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Did the relevant people on the Edge team see this piece of feedback yet? I really hope so because this new smooth scrolling animation is driving me nuts, I really miss the previous faster, more responsive smooth scrolling animation :(
The problem is the duration of the animation, it's significantly longer than what Chrome uses and this is effectively input lag, it's making Edge's mouse wheel scrolling feel slow and unresponsive. Please reconsider this, Chrome's mouse wheel scrolling animation is perfect
If I am wrong about the animation of the duration being longer, it does seem that way, and perceived performance is very important. So the curve should be adjusted to be closer to Chrome's so it seems just as fast as Chrome's mouse wheel scrolling