Mouse hover huge CPU consumption

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This is very disgusting with every chromium based browser that they consume large CPU resources and power. One such areas of improvement is mouse hover. Whenever I am on another application(like task manager) appearing over edge and hover using mouse pointer, the CPU usage of browser instantly ramps up to maximum 15%. Like in the figure it is 8% when I just put my mouse over the browser and on keeping quiet the usage come down. It has never been a problem with mozilla browser, maximum mouse hover usage in these is 5% for the same websites. Mozilla reallly cares over the performance.


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@sauravyad500 performance depends on many factors, I recommend you to report this issue through feedback menu in Microsoft Edge.

There are many performance related issues around browsers and for sure Microsoft Edge team are trying their best to make it better and improve performance and resource usage. When you send feedback, they could directly investigate and reproduce the issue.

You are right but it is not something buggy or reproducible, it happens whenever you hover the mouse. It is a performance issue which I think the team should look into and its here to get everyone's insight.