Mouse click does not work when the sidebar is opened

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Edge version: 119.0.2132.0 Dev(arm64)

MacBook Air 2022 (M2)

mac OS 14.0 Sonoma (23A344)



When I open the sidebar by clicking the Bing button on the top right corner or app shortcuts (office365, outlook, Onedrive, Gmail, etc), I am not able to click anything on the browser while the sidebar is opened not only on the sidebar area but also on the main browser window.


I see the browser is not 'frozen' because the keyboard input still works.


I am experiencing this on the Dev and Canary versions.

The official release (117.0.2045.55) works fine.

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I have this exact issue! It's been happing for a few days

Relived to hear it's not just me! I'm having the same issue clicking on any sidebar element (e.g. comments sidebar in Powerpoint for Web) or any clickable element (e.g., reply button on Outlook for Web) on the right side of the screen—truly weird and frustrating behaviour. Not able to do basic things anymore!

Same as with OP, I see the browser is not frozen as the keyboard and mouse still works in other apps.

Experiencing this issue on Google Chrome (Version 118.0.5993.70 (Official Build) (x86_64)). Been happening since at least 16-Oct-2023.

Still happening to me for 3 weekly updates. It includes sidebar apps, sidebar customization menu, Bing Chat in sidebar, and split screen mode. Same thing in Mac full screen but was fixed this update.
I have this exact issue! It happened on Edge version:119.0.2151.12 and Edge version: 120.0.2168.0 Canary(arm64), still not able to click the content and the main browser web when sidebar open, but can select refesh button on the sidebar. By select a button and use "Tab", It's able to control sidebar and it respon.
MacBook Pro 14 2022 (M2 Pro)

Mac OS 14.0 Sonoma (23A344)
Can confirm as of 10/23, this issue exists, glad I'm not the only one who had this weird issue.

Version 120.0.2165.1 (Official build) Dev (arm64) on Apple Silicon (M1)