More than one "set" of Favorites across Edge Chromium

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I installed Edge Insider Beta on one laptop several weeks ago and successfully imported my Favorites/Bookmarks from Google Chrome. Just a week ago, I downloaded it on another machine, but the Favorites did not get imported when I signed in and enabled Sync.  I then imported Favorites from Chrome again into that computer's edge.  However, now on the original machine I have two sets of all my bookmarks.  Deleting duplicates from there results in no change to the other machine.

It seems that there are different "sets" of Favorites and they aren't being combined.  Is there a way to manage this "server side" to just set what the Favorites should be?

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install the Canary channel, it has the ability to automatically detect duplicates for you.

you can also get more detailed info in here: about:sync-internals

Tbh Edge canary is the best channel to use because it has the newest features and it's super stable. it takes a long time until those features are shipped to lower channels (Dev, Beta, Stable)

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, Canary is pulling down a different set of bookmarks. Sometimes if I install beta or canary I get both sets, but usually I just get one of the "sets", with no way to control or predict what will be synced. 

I don't quite understand what you mean by sets. do you mean you get duplicate favorites?
maybe post a screenshot of your favorites in here: edge://favorites/ ?

What I mean is, I originally installed Edge on my home computer and imported favorites from Google Chrome. I then installed Edge on my iPhone, and enabled the Favorites sync, where the favorites from my desktop then appeared.  A few weeks later, I installed Edge on a work computer and enabled sync, but none of the Favorites showed up (despite the Settings page indicating that sync was enabled and done being set up). So, I then imported favorites from Google Chrome on that work computer. Later, at home, I saw 2x each folder in Favorites. Deleting duplicate folders (I did not delete individual favorites items) on that home computer had no effect on the favorites synced to the work computer. All devices/computers are signed in to the same account. 


Also, adding favorites items on one of the computers results in successful sync across all instances of Edge (i.e. Canary, Beta, and full release) on that computer, but those items don't show up on the other computer. 

After deleting the User Data folder on each computer and then re-syncing, things seem to be working correctly now (i.e. consistent Favorites across both computers). I noticed on the Microsoft Edge Insider web site that there recently was an issue with Favorites synchronization that was fixed, so perhaps that was the cause of my problems. Hopefully it keeps working as expected. 


Thank you @HotCakeX for your efforts here. 

That's great to hear! yes for a some time favorite syncing had lots of problems but they got fixed as you know. I assume some of the left overs of the previous browser updates were still remaining in the User Data folder so clearing them took care of the problem.
Thanks :)