More support for communicating with hardware


I posted this in a reply, but I think it warrants its own thread. 


Allowing web pages to talk to serial / USB ports: I think this feature would be a good candidate for having zone-level permissions. At present, the only options are

"Site permissions/ Serial ports

Ask when a site wants to access serial ports (recommended)

Will block if turned off"

Obviously I don't want any dodgy web site (Farcebook / Gargle) on the internet to go tweedling my serial ports, but I can see it would be useful to have the option on intranets, and maybe always on for trusted sites - e.g. a factory floor where the PC is connected to a SCADA device / scales etc. At present the only practical way to attach industrial kit to the intranet is to have an app running locally on each PC or MODBUS (hawk, spit). 
Similarly,  I had one customer who wanted to be able to print a receipt from a web app after a simple zap with a bar code reader. There was no way I could find to suppress the print dialog and "JUST PRINT DAMMIT" - there was only one printer, the same printer every day, plugged into the POS terminal. It added seconds & clicks to every transaction, and there could be a lot of transactions.


Games running in browsers: we can get pretty decent refresh rates now (not GoW but ok for strategy games / slightly annoyed birds), it would be handy to be able to control a web app via an xbox controller. I have it working in a WinForms app, I wonder if it would work in Blazor?

To be clear, the XBox controller already registers itself on the PC and it appears as a node in Device Manager, the HID structures are already defined. 


HTML 5 adds the ability to talk to the GPS etc, how about more generic devices? There is a "USB Devices " node in Edge-Dev's permissions screen, see above.

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