More options for "Recent Visited"

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I don't remember seeing any topic like this, but I believe it would be a good addition (bringing up again) the option of fixing a recently visited website, as we did on Edge Legacy.

"But why could this be useful?"

Let's assume you visit some sites more often than others, you just want a quick shortcut to access them, without needing favorites or omnibox, just a quick and easy method to achieve, you just fix it there.

Another detail I think is important to highlight, would be the possibility of changing the pinned icon (or not) using a link to an image, just as some browsers already do.


Let me know what you think! Comments are rewarding, as are upvote.


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I like the ability to change icons of the pinned sites.

Also these features would be cool:

1. the ability to add a 2nd row to the most visited sites so we will have 16 pinned sites in total
2. Edge should add a star at top-left corner of each of the sites in the NTP so user can click on them and make them fixed (like by favoriting them) so they won't be changed by Edge based on user's browsing behavior again.