More Chromium Edge GPO settings are needed to lock out Settings for Kiosks


I have been tasked with making a Public Locked down Kiosk for EI Applications for Covid-19.
There needs to be a desktop with URL shortcuts that open Edge and logged in with a Domain Account. Folder Redirection is done for Favorites folder on their home drive (READ ONLY) which (in another thread) we need to work with Chromium Edge.

I have downloaded the latest Edge templates and have them available and have set on or off all the settings but when I go into the "Settings" tab as a user there are still places I can manually set things that I cannot have the public be able to do.

I can see ways to disable them in IE or Microsoft Edge App version. I need a Chromium Edge Version.
Hide Settings - This would solve it all. Why can you not hide settings in Chromium Edge with GPO?

Profiles - Passwords - Sign In Automatically  able to be toggled. Now I have sign in disabled in every policy available so WHY is this still a selection?
Configure Favorites Button = Where is the GPO to enforce this on?
Reset Settings - Can we remove this?

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@lforbes I agree. I would also like those extra policies. Especially for hiding/disabling the "Reset Settings" option and for hiding all of the settings menu completely.


Plus, there is a new setting for "phones and other devices" which again allows a sign-in. I would love to hide that setting or disable the button.