Modernize Edge [Scrollbars and other aged parts]

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This isn't really a problem but aesthetics are getting more important nowadays which includes the younger audience who use software.


There are a few possible ways:

  • Switching to Win UI 3 don't know about the mac and linux compatibility tho.
  • Implementing your own UI Elements using the web rendering engine. (don't know how stable it would be)
  • Just replace the parts that looks old (Some context menus and the window scrollbar)

//Speed improvements PLEASE 

A few features are new on chromium and I think those are really great and welcome but the loading time of the History Quickview Flyout thing or Downloads and Collections is way too slow on even modern Hardware I think those should be preloaded into the memory according to the frequency of using them they won't take that much space in memory as these are just some lists. But in case there isn't much memory on user side don't preload then it's fine there's no other choice. 

Don't preload on browser start load after rendering of the first webview. (for weak cpus)

Make it optional so everybody is pleased and no one will get mad for stealing precious RAM :cryingwithlaughter:



I always see the possibility on Geckos Side to change the main window scrollbar and I think thats really handy for every web designer but Edge isn't Gecko (Firefox) so taking the difficulty not in consideration here's an other approach: 


Replace the current scrollbar with a modern looking one maybe in touch with the new fluent design guide lines (round edges and stuff) and recolor it using the dominant color of the website making it slightly more bright or dark depending on the color (I think windows 10 already does that really well so u could ask the Windows Team for the algorithm that does this.) 

As for scrollbars inside some html elements well that's not an issue thats quite easy for every web dev to get rid of cross browser compatible. 


That would be a real deal changer for chromium that one ugly piece of aged software would be gone forever.


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if they use .NET 6, MAUI, it will support corss-platform UI elements, but not sure about Linux.

Win UI 3 and XAML elements will definitely make it more beautiful.

I agree to your point in speeding up the edge chromium's approach. The flyouts are very slow and there should be a toggle button to turn off the preloading of these depending on the hardware.

Microsoft should work out on this piece.
No more toggles please. There are already many. Edge should work same on all hardware. It is a good thing that edge doesn't have a battery saver toggle like Opera GX.

I would like to see Edge UI natively written atleast on Windows 10. The current UI is a huge letdown compared to slim, stylish and clutterfree EdgeHTML based legacy version.

The UI freezes. A lot. Collections and history panels are slow to open. Opening collections sometimes kicks the fans in my laptop.

Can the edge UI be as native as minimize and close options on top right corner of display are? These options work always, edge UI does not, they look sharp, edge UI looks blurry.

You don't have to hardcode the engine in the OS, I get that was the main reason for switching to chromium in the first place, but you can definitely write the UI 'more natively'.

To what extent? I don't know. I guess if it was possible you'd make edge a fluent application on windows. But still this needs to be looked.

The current UI is ugly. Edge legacy was the only browser ever made that looked like, say, a fashion designer might use. Chromium edge, firefox and chrome look like something a nerd would use, or an IT guy.

A design you 'make on the move' of course won't look like something you conceived from the sratch. But you can try to make it more bearable, for those of us who liked edge (original) more than chrome.