Mobile version compared to Firefox

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Mobile Firefox has features not presented in mobile Edge.
1. Client side password encryption (zero knowledge) backed with Lockwise.
2. Web sites night mode which turns web sites to dark.
Very useful feature not presented in Edge browser.
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@__NN__  I agree, but it is because the Edge on mobile is actually the Legacy Edge.

There is a flag in the new Edge for forcing Dark Mode on websites:

Oh , I see.
The flag is good but it would be better to have simple switch for this.
Also one feature I miss in Edge is Firefox containers.
It is solved using different profiles but not so nice experience as in Firefox.

@__NN__ Ok, you can still use Firefox. I, too, am saddened that the new Edge is not on mobile phones yet. :(

It's on mobile phone ... i have it on ios, and i had it on android too.
Maybe i don't have understanded what you wanted to say.
@Wittycat If you check the version on your phone it will say "45.something.something.something" and if the version is above 70 then it is the new Edge.
ah, that, on ios it's webkit so does it change really something ?
@Wittycat Don't know much about Edge on mobile...
I think (i don't really know i am on IOS maybe it's not the case), the edge browser on android was already using chromium as base.

For IOS it does not change anything since Apple don't accept internet software who use anything else than their webkit (used by safari), so if their interfaces support the new edge (already the case), for us nothing will change (maybe the version number ^^).