Missing news at startpage/tab

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Im missing the news option, and the settings.


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@jelle kok 


is it possible, you did enabled local new tab through edge://flags?. Go to edge://flags/#use-edge-local-ntp and  if this property is enabled, change this enabled value to default. 

Is there also a quick fix for no scrollbar on the new tab?

@jelle kok There shouldn't be a scroll bar. There isn't one on mine.

Thankn you @Deleted for diagnosing this so quickly. @jelle kok, did resetting this flag to Default bring back the news feed and settings box? As @Cameron_Bach noted, even when the news feed is active, there isn't any scroll bar.
Yes, i can see the option and the news now. (default flag now)

For me there should be a scrollbar of you have enabled news feeds. Now i need to use arrows keys for see more news items.

@jelle kok There definitely isn't a scroll bar with or without the news feed on. I imagine it's not included to avoid ruining the clean minimalist design of the New tab page. If you're on a laptop you may be able to use arrow keys, page up and down or two fingers on the trackpad at once to scroll. 

@Elliot Kirk is it supposed to be missing the scroll bar on newtab page?


@srfteixeira There is a way to turn it off in edge://flags but I can't remember what. 


@jelle kok  The picture also shows that you do not have the news either. And the Frequently visited sites are strangely located. They are supposed to be at the bottom of the Window unless you have news showing. Would you mind taking a look at edge://flags and let us know if any are not in their default setting. Here's what they look like. The first one has been changed. The one underneath hasn't.



@NicolSD its already been fixed, by changing the setting: edge://flags/#use-edge-local-ntp
I have also Best Response confirmed on the post above on top.