Missing Full Screen Browser UI and PDF UI

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@Deleted @posinha The windowed mode controls are appearing in full-screen mode and aren't working either. 


The full-screen controls instead should be like.


Also for the PDF toolbar the options must appear like


Here in this legacy pdf toolbar, there are full-screen option and page view option which is missing in current edge browser. It will be polished if the above features are made available.




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@sauravyad500 We appreciate that feedback! If you haven't yet, can you please submit that UI suggestion, along with the screenshots and/or this post, through the browser? (It helps us keep everything together.)


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@sauravyad500 seriously i really miss that fullscreen ui that fullscreen browsing ui first used by mozilla firefox then some one asked uc browser then they add it frequently when i test uc browser pc i really liked it but due to privacy concerns doesnt use uc browser but few years ago russian giant yandex browser released i used it a lots due to privacy because non microsoft & non google browser and asked them for that feature they added it in just next released even i am still using customized version yandex browser you know what i hate about microsoft they are tortoise very slow never gonna listen users voice removing almost good features from past, dont know when they gonna bring back fullscreen ui of old edge to new edge stable

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Well, the good news is that you will be able to use shy-ui (full screen browser UI) from Microsoft Edge version 84 :grinning_face: