Missing features and issues with recent Canary builds

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Hi there,

Since the Canary update on Friday, a number of new features have been removed and there are some rough edges as well. 

1. PDF Files not opening at all

2. JavaScript issues breaking sites.

3. Vertical Tabs disappeared.

4. Font on the downloads page entries is not Segoe.

5. Web Capture disappeared.

6. Prefetch service is disabled.


As of today's Canary build .646, none of these issues have been resolved. The team should please look on to reimplement these features back. Tagging @Deleted and @MissyQ for intimating the team.

Insiders, please reply to this thread if you are also facing these issues.

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After a system restart, I see the Vertical Tabs, Web Capture and the Prefetch service support are back.

Im having the exact same issue and a system restart didn't solve any of it. I've been having it for the past few days and it's a pain, I have to have 2 browsers open (default edge and canary) so I can properly do the things I normally do.

@Filipe Castro The issues are fixed in today's build 646,1.


Only the Downloads font issue remain to be resolved.

@Rohit Yadav We appreciate you reporting this list! We're sorry that you and a number of other Insiders have encountered issues with that recent Canary build. The good news is that the team is aware of the performance changes, and is actively working on fixing them. You can expect to see these functionalities back soon, if they aren't already on this most recent build. 


Fawkes (they/them)
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@Deleted Thank you so much for the kind words. I have all of them of back, except for the Downloads page font issue. I reported it back many times, and even got a mail saying that it has been resolved, but sadly it was not made live yet :(

@Rohit Yadav Good to know. If you are comfortable with it, and able, I would recommend replying to that email to let the team know you're still seeing it. It might also be listed as "resolved" if they've determined a fix, but it hasn't gone live yet.


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Deleted Thank you for the response. I will find and mail and compose a reply.