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I have a little problem with edge.

My problem is that i don't have features who is normally out (password monitor, microsoft shopping) they don't appear in stable when the release note : Microsoft Edge release notes for Stable Channel | Microsoft Docs say they are out.

It's a bug or a problem with my network (i have this problem on all the computer in my home).

Thanks for your help

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Hey @Wittycat

Password Monitor began rolling out yesterday with Microsoft Edge 88, but it may take a couple weeks for you to see it in your browser.


For Shopping, it may not be available in your market. This blog has information on market availability at the bottom. If you're in a market that should have Shopping available, make sure you have "Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge" toggled on in your settings.


Let me know if you have other questions!



in my case i think it's a bug in my configuration since i had shopping in a previous release, and if i launch beta version of edge shopping is activated, (belgium-fr).
Thanks for letting me know since I couldn't' see that as well for the password monitor/generator.

Should this be enabled in all regions as well?

Also for shopping and mointer, is it ever going to be on local accounts not signed in one as well and for shopping expanding to new markets
For the sleeping tabs, it mentions that it is only for the people who turned on experimenting, what does that mean?
in my case i had it working when enabling the flags, after if you remove the flags it remains activated, flags must mean "experiment"
Okay, I don't' see a sleeping tabs or any of those mentioned in my falgs
Thank you :)
no problem