Missing and broken functionality in new launcher

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Why would you make "a big upgrade" to the Microsoft Launcher that removes and breaks a lot of functionality without any of it being mentioned in the release notes?

For instance are App folders now broken, I want to see all my apps in one view, not just the top 9 and then have to scroll further through multiple pages!  At least add an option to choose old or new style.

Hidden apps are no longer available with a slide up from bottom rows, how do I even access them now?  There was no indication of what changed or how we get to that functionality now.

Font sizes are suddenly ugly as **bleep** in bold, making the interface cluttered and stuffy. Why does an update have to change the font size and style used in the app?  I liked the way my phone looked.


Looks like it is time to find a new launcher since Microsoft has obviously ran out of ideas and are now only making changes for the sake of changing things so they can say it is an update, never mind what the users actually want or need...

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So I tested a bit more and found that if I have my folders in regular mode then I can fit my 16 icons just like I used to have them. If I turn my folders to full screen mode like I used to, they can only fit 9 icons however. How is this logical at all??
Fonts are ugly! Without any warn my phone today morning shown my its ugly face... Bold fonts? Bold weather wiget? Really?

@sveinmagnus Any one knowns how to get the old font back, without switching to another launcher ?