Minor Feature Request (or Bug?): Keyboard Keys Don't Work To Remove Site Cookies

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Sometimes when troubleshooting site errors or resetting persistent logins, you're forced to clear a site's cookies. The easiest way is the Lock Icon -> Cookies, which opens this pop-up:




In this pop-up, selecting a cookie and pressing the Delete Key doesn't do anything. Thus, instead, you need to use the mouse to select a cookie domain -> click Remove -> click Remove -> click Remove. If there are 5+ cookie domains, it begins to feel like a chore.


I'd love it if the Delete Key removed the cookie domain's cookies and Edge auto-selected the next entry, too, as it does now with the Remove button (so you can spam the delete key to remove cookies within a few moments, instead of needing to to go back & forth with the mouse).


The exact same goes for the arrow keys. Why can't we use the arrow keys to select cookies here? And, it'd be nice if the first cookie was already selected so we don't need to click it first and then go back to click Remove.


Not a major bug / feature missing, but it's especially bothersome on laptops when you're stuck on a touchpad. :( Hope we can see keyboard support added to this pop-up menu.

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@ikjadoon Hey! This is great feedback! I do not know if this is a functionality that chromium has, however I definitely want you to send this off in our feedback tool to get to the right people. If you hit the person/message icon at the top right of your browser window (next to your profile icon), you can submit this feedback there.


Thanks so much for posting! I hope you're enjoying the browser, and please do not hesitate to post feedback/requests like this in the future (in addition to submitting feedback through the browser).


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
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@MissyQ  No worries. It's not present in Chromium, at least up to Chrome 79.


I've already sent it through the feedback tool; I posted here to check it wasn't a bug & to get it some exposure. Thus, the more people who want this feature, hopefully they too submit feedback.


For sure! :) Thank you for your reply.

@ikjadoon Absolutely! Thank you for being so proactive on this. Visibility is important, so I definitely encourage you to still post your feedback/feature requests on here so that more people have eyes on them.


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge