middle Mouse Group Tab, Spacing, DragNDrop Favs , back 2 FF

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I'M had to usie my browser permanently the whole day and longer.

I love the speed of Edge Chromium, but 

middle mouse , in my eyes a big bug, opens unusable (4me) Group Tabs

what should i do with this Tabs? They are lying above normal Tabs, and are totally unnacessary

i'm using middle mouse very often and had to restart edge very often to get rid of this groups.

Should be similar to all other browsers

Spacing, why do you need so much space between lines or Icons or ...? 

In FF i've everything i need on one site and must not scroll 

should be customizeable

DragnDrop Favorites, i use it very often, take a tab and drop it to my Favbar or prefered Favlist

Should be included

Since it costs me very much time and it is very annoying i'm back to FF






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@Ralf Koehler 


I'm sorry it took so long to get back to this, but it seems that all of your concerns have been corrected in the intervening time.