Micrsoft Edge and NVIDIA - It never ends?

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Maybe a well-known topic or problem:  MS Edge and NVIDIA.


I'm not a gamer, I'm a developer and use the PC to develop websites,  designing images and Office.


I try to use Microsoft Edge and NVIDIA with the hopefully best settings. Sometimes the logos of websites are rendered blurry, sometimes they are absolute more than crispy like a hot pepper - meaning absolutely pixelated.


I tried to set the settings on the MS Edge at NVIDIA control center.

I also ran cttune.exe (ClearType Tune) again and again.

I manually adapted the settings in the registry  (KEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Avalon.Graphics\DISPLAY1), which was the only solution that worked.


About registry see 




Now it's started again that it's either too blurry or too pixelated. But I didn't change anything.


It happens from time to time - I don't know why. Maybe if Windows is emptying temp. files? Okay... I have embedded the NVIDIA CC settings as screenshots (if it is displayed correctly after saving my post...).


Do any of you have tips or experiences on how to handle this subject?






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