Microsoft websites detects Edge browser as Chrome hahaaha

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Seriously? Please fix........ 

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You are right, and this needs to be fixed. Even the Bing Homepage treats it as Chrome.


Look at the "make Bing your homepage" link at the bottom. Now see what happens when I click on it.


Only Chrome, Firefox and IE are mentioned. If it isn't for Edge, why was the link there in the first place. I know there are other ways of setting Edge's homepage as Bing, but that link at the bottom should not have been there.

This is important so I would report it using feedback button on Edge too

@HotCakeX no i think it's normal, since they follow strictly the useragent they cannot really see it's edge, and i want to let it like that, because if they can see it's edge, tracker can do too (so modify the message it's better than see it's edge)

but Edge has its own user agent added to that long string in edge://version/
yes and it's because it seems they have chosen to change the user agent the worse thing they could have done to our privacy now all website can track easily if you use edge or not and let Google continue to add scary message when he see it's not chrome (exemple the store who said edge wasn't secure)
That store was stupid but I don't think Edge users should hide behind Chrome's user agent. knowing which browser you are using is nothing compared to all the data websites and trackers can get from visitors. (e.g your time zone, IP address, which website you came from, installed fonts, OS and version etc)

in this case, Microsoft's website apparently hasn't added support for the new Edge user agent yet.
It's not hiding, it preventing Google to do add "bug" to it's concurrent, even Vivaldi now stop to add their user-agent since on google services "bugs" occur only when the user-agent is different than Chrome.

In my case i don't care i don't use Google (and i even a blocklist to block all Google services (except ajax api used by too many dev to just "block" it).

For mobile i'm on Apple so Google i really don't care but some other user of Edge if they receive a bug from Google they will say it's because of Edge "because on Google chrome it work".
I don't understand what you mean by "adding bug to its concurrent"
One example from the past, Google Earth blocked on Edge, because the browser was too old.
Browser who use the very same chromium it was a "BUG".
If Google have done it one, nothing prevent them from redo something like that

@TrueGame Ha ha. That's interesting. I guess that's what happens when things are not unified across Microsoft. Stuff like this happens a lot with Microsoft, and to a slightly lesser extent, Google. Apple seems to be the only one that actually keeps, or at least used to keep, things somewhat uniform across its ecosystem. Also, for google sites, I usually have the user agent set to chrome at all times to prevent any issues. Google likes people using their chrome browser only.


It's Google's fault that do it, Edge doesn't need to change anything or hide behind other user agents. when Google does something ill-intentioned like that everybody calls them out, it will just be a shame for them.

if they wanna bring shame upon themselves let them do it

The link's been there for like years now, and I have reported multiple times both on Bing's Feedback section and on Edge.
Let's hope Microsoft finally fixes this.