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If using the beta or the other versions of Edge am I still getting Microsoft rewards for using it?

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@QueenNini Hi, yes.

I've been using the new Edge for months and I'm an addict on Microsoft Rewards.

You get your points using Chromium Edge.

Even those 20 points for searching on bing on Microsoft Edge browser?

Yes, even those Bing points... although for me being in Australia they are only worth 12 pts.


If you go to the Bing homepage, click on the Rewards medal next to your profile name, then select "See all" next to "Earn Points Faster", the Rewards page will open and if you look on the right side of that screen there will be a "Points Breakdown", click on that and it will show you all the ways or earning Reward points. You'll see Edge Bonus Rewards on the left.

Hope this helps. 

I do as long I sign into the Rewards section. I really like this search engine that does reward and have redeemed a lot!

@tropolite Will do thank you all!




Great question @QueenNini 

I came here wondering the same.  I suppose you could add the Bing Chrome Browser Extension to Microsoft Edge Beta just to make sure.  But yes, those rewards are the bomb! Why give my data away to Google or Yahoo or others for free, when I can score me that Target Gift Card! 

My concern is/was that the Bing Rewards pages actually states that only Microsoft Edge used on a Windows 10 operating system based platform is eligible.  I am beta testing Microsoft Edge on Windows 8.1, so that would disqualify me if it were limited only to Windows 10.   If I discover that the rewards are not being applied to the Windows 8/8.1 beta version of Edge, I'll come back and update.  I just heard about Edge of Windows 7 and 8 today, but have been already using Bing Rewards.



So true x)

Show me The Money. @HotCakeX  or in this case, the free rewards. :hearteyes:


Regardless of whether MS Rewards fly on 7 or 8 or not, ALL Win7 & 8 machines should be changed to Windows 10; and, especially 7s.


Consumer win 7 users still have time, enterprise users have extended period.
8.1 has more time than 7.
fortunately with the new Microsoft Edge browser that is not bound to Windows 10 only, those users can keep receiving rewards for Edge even without upgrading to Windows 10.

@RDreammaker  I check my rewards page often and I do use Windows 10 so I get all of my points. Bing is the only search engine I use because of the rewards. The gifts cards have been great!!! I wish there a Paypal option though. 

PayPal option?  There you go.  Why not mention it as a option you'd like to have in the Microsoft / Bing page.  @QueenNini   That's a good idea. 

Thanks for the thoughts there @Drew1903 

However, I run several businesses in addition being heavily dependent on film production and audio editing software.  I originally transitioned to Windows 10 and used it for several years, until a poorly tested and improperly released Win 10 update created major issues on my computers that cost me a lot of money and at least a week of trying to troubleshoot the issue, which didn't get another update or resolved for several months, (which I can not afford to be down).

Windows 8.1 is extremely stable and always has been, in addition to it being my favorite operating system of all time (and my history goes back as far as Win 3.1, early pre-windows versions that eventually led to win 98,  Apple os, Lisa (pre Mac) up to Win 10, OSX, and Lynx.  I've used nearly every operating system created since the 1980's. 

For my businesses and film production, Windows 8 is still currently a much better option than Windows 10, with very few issues.

@RDreammaker Will do. I think more people would appreciate it as well.


Fair enough.  The idea can apply to both 7 & 8, but, as I said, it, most certainly, applies to 7; not (nearly) as critical or imperative with 8.  But, people running 7 should not procrastinate longer about moving to Windows 10.


True, the deadline is coming

Starting this week, Microsoft will start notifying users of non-domain-joined Windows 7 Pro devices about the looming end-of-support date for the operating system.


On January 14, 2020 -- Microsoft's support for Windows 7 will cease. That means no more updates or fixes, including security fixes after that date, which is the first Patch Tuesday of 2020, unless a customer pays. Microsoft officials have announced two ways that Windows 7 users can continue to get security updates beyond the January 14, 2020 date. But both of these ways -- purchasing paid Extended Support Updates and buying Windows Virtual Desktop (which includes Extended Support Updates for no additional fee) are designed for business customers, not consumers. 


I'm glad I rolled back to 8. I keep reading of bad 10 rollouts. Saw one even a day or two ago.  Those would be killing my business right now.  Long live windows 8, best since stone age. @HotCakeX 

8 and not 8.1?
Well that's a first xD cause all I heard is that 8 and 8.1 have bad UI and 10 is better.
but I can say Windows 10 latest version 1903 is pretty solid OS