Microsoft Learn does not recognize me as Signed In on ARM64

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Hello, I am trying to complete some Azure training modules on Microsoft Learn. To do the exercises, I need to be able to sign into MS Learn / Azure so that I can access the MS Learn sandbox.


When I click "Sign In to activate sandbox", I am taken to the standard MS SSO screen, with the option to use my already signed in MS account. When I click that, I am taken back to the original MS Learn page, and am not shown as signed in. Clicking the activate sandbox button results in the same behavior.




I have tried clearing the cache and cookies, restarting the browser, and have ensured I am on the latest Dev Channel update (Version 114.0.1793.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)). This behavior persists when using the standard version of Edge. However, it only seems to occur on my Surface Pro X. This works fine on my x64 desktop and laptop.


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