Microsoft Launcher showing folder in foreground with last app page in the background

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Today i remarked the following problem:

When i am making a choice for a folder with a number of apps i do see the contents in the fore-ground and still the app page in the back-ground.

Up till now i did not see this happen before, how can i avoid this ???



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Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you please tell us your launcher version, android version and device model? We'll look into it.


Launcher version: 6.2.201205.93777

Android version: 10

Device model: Umidigi F2

Hi, thanks for your checking. We are looking into it right now. We'll get back to you if there is any progress.


I just discovered that, when i adjust the setting to dark modus, the result is the exact same as i was just to have in the past with the light modus - see enclosures.

Maybe this discovery might help you with my problem in the light modus !




@jacveldTo my surprise i just also discovered that changing again to the light modus all works well again - the launcher version did change to 6.2.201205.93878


Thanks anyway for your help.



Hi, thanks for your detail. Could you please check whether you have given the storage permission by the following steps: Long press launcher setting-click app info-permission-storage?@jacveld 

Hi, are you still facing the issue?

@Ann_Yao_680The problem has been solved, i think owing to the newest version of Launcher.

Thanks for your support.

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