Microsoft IE open dialog Box and Microsoft Edge Open Dialog Box Different in behaviour need help

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We have ASP.Net application - User clicks on a link and system show and an open dialog box with FROM (URL) as a label - User then clicks OPEN. Excel file open in EXCEL as READ-only- Excel File Path shows the URL path and this URL path then use to run VBA code.

In Microsoft Edge
This behavior change and OPEN action save the file in the local system in a GUID folder - Open in EXCEL as READ-WRITE mode and path show the local drive. Further actions will not run as the EXCEL file path is no longer belongs to the URL.


There are 10 Thousand EXCEL online files and many offline files. Hence we can't change application logic. Does anyone face the same issue and have any? solution/suggestion?


Please note that it works fine in IE Compatible mode but we want to run the app in NON-IE Compatible mode.

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