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I am just learning Windows 10 as my old computer 8.1 has stopped working. My new windows 10 computer  is home software as I use it only at home. My current problem is that the computer stops working and I get this error message- microsoft edge is not responding. Is there a way to correct this problem? Also- how or what is best way to learn Windows 10:. Please help.

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do you get the "not responding" message when you visit a specific website?

it would really help if you posted a screenshot of your error message.

since you didn't mention whether you are using old or new Edge browser,
I suggest you to go to this page and download the new Edge browser

if it is already installed, it will let you know.

Here you can learn more about the new Edge browser features:

to learn more about Windows 10, there is a great YouTube playlist made by Windows, you can check them out:


There is also Tips app in Windows 10, that can has lots of useful info, here is how to access it:



Getting started with Windows 10


for more technical information, you can use Microsoft Docs:

if you have any specific question regarding Windows 10, feel free to post it in the Windows 10 community hub:

@gbailey3308sbcglobal Me too; I get this error when browsing around

a screenshot would help and more info about it.