Microsoft Edge Windows Mostly Dissappeared

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Hi, so I had about 40-50 windows (windows, not tabs) that were saved on Microsoft Edge, where if I pressed ctrl + shift +t they would all come up, and recently, all of the windows over 10-12 months are just gone, except for the most recent 10-ish that were made within the past couple weeks. I had 4-5 starting windows that were the most important, all filled to the max with tabs, and the extra windows were basically all duplicate tabs of each other, containing mostly meaningless things (for some reason the window would duplicate with the same tabs, just one extra tab I had opened, it's really weird). To get to the main windows I'd have to ctrl + shift +t over and over but suddenly it doesn't work.. Is there a limit on saved windows that was added or did I just get screwed for no reason? :(

I know this is convoluted, but please, is there any way to recover the windows? Could I downgrade edge to save them? Anything?

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