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Lovin the new Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium). I would like to have the ability to customize the toolbar. Being able to add icons such as: adding an actual static search bar, adding a printer icon, moving around icons, adding separators, etc. Firefox allows user to customize their toolbar in this fashion. Microsoft needs to add this function to Edge. Eliminating extra clicks to perform a function is most efficient for the user.

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Totally Agree!

I'd love to see this implemented as well. Heck, even the ability to move the icons would be a good start (since I for one prefer the refresh icon to the right of the address bar).


Sadly the more I use it the more I realize that the Chromium codebase Edge is built upon seems to lack customizability to a very large extent, especially when compared to something like Firefox (where I can move, add/remove icons, search bars etc. to my heart's content). Not sure if or when MS will ever add these things that they might well consider 'non-essential'. Hmm, time to terminate the experiment for now I suppose. Will check in on the state of the browser after 6 months or so to see if anything has improved, but so far not impressed. :unamused:

This makes me laugh!
a while ago I made this post

and asked why Microsoft chose Chromium over Firefox. no official answer was posted so far but some users commented that Chromium supposedly offers more freedom to customize the UI than Firefox does etc etc, just kept hammering Firefox and downplaying it.

now here we are, Edge 10% looks different than Chrome and developers said (somewhere, can't find the exact comment right now) that they review the requests for the UI and they might not be able to apply all of them due to limitations of Chromium!

Ah man..


I completely agree. I'm a very long time Firefox user and not being able to customize the toolbar is a deal breaker for switching. The other one is a setting to be able to open URLs from the toolbar in a new tab - without the need to use CTRL.

Other than that I'd love the performance. Pages load really fast.