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I recently installed Edge Chromium and love it. I left Internet Explorer many years ago for Chrome, hated the Edge version in Windows 10 and stayed with Chrome, but now I am a fan of Edge Chromium.


I imported all my passwords and bookmarks and all was well, until today when I went on and noticed that my passwords had disappeared, luckily I had still had them saved with my Google Chrome account. It was my fault as I had cleared them by mistake.


I hate having clutter on my normal PC, but I have a second old PC that has Edge Chromium installed and synced, so I downloaded Chrome on that, installed it and restored my passwords on there. I then imported them to Edge on that machine and waited for my main machine to sync, which is did not.


It would be great if there was a sync now button to be able to get it to grab the data from my other machine.



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I agree with you, there needs to be a button to initiate sync manually, Firefox has this button and it's very useful, although the sync always starts automatically in It when something in user data changes.

on Edge you can paste this into your browser address bar
and click on "Trigger GetUpdates" button
to start sync manually

@Voodoo101 Welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider community. That's great to hear; we're so glad that you're enjoying our new browser!


So that I can give the feature team a clear understanding, exactly which data type(s) would you ideally want to be able to manually sync? Just passwords, or others? And are there any other situations you can imagine when you'd also want this feature?


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@fawkes Hi. To be honest with you I would rather it synced automatically. but as it seems like it doesn't then it needs to sync the main data, such as settings, extensions, bookmarks and passwords. I think it just needs a button that says "sync now", that will sync all that is set up to sync when it fails, just like a backup.