Microsoft Edge Split Screen should have Freeze/Sync Scrolling

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So, after reading the winaero's post on Split Screen feature in Edge Canary, I tried it out and I really liked it.

Screenshot (376).png


But it should have sync scrolling feature that will allow:

  1. Comparing web pages is easier.
  2. Comparing local documents is easier.

Personally speaking, I often have to compare PDFs, and I'm not very keen on using a third-party software for it. So, for that, I use Firefox in combination with an addon to achieve that.


Adding synchronized scrolling in spit screen will enhance the usability of this feature. Even as a front-end developer, I see a potential use case in comparing webpages.

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True. Like in MSWord or VSCode comparing files.

I agree 100% with this.


The current implementation is effectively no better than two separate side-by-side browser windows with the pages loaded, where you have to scroll each page independently. I was really hoping the SPLIT-SCREEN functionality in Edge would solve this and allow me to pick a sync point for the pages and then scroll them together.

@PaStansberry Yes.  I just set up an MS Project Plan 3 online plan and split the window with the grid view on one side and the timeline view on the other.  The first thing I wanted to do was synchronised scrolling.