Microsoft Edge slow upload speeds on overseas servers.

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Hey guys,


Can you please fix this issue?


Slow wired upload speed vs Linux on same hardware - Microsoft Q&A


 If I use the app or the cli the upload speeds over seas are all fast and good. But if I use any web browser in windows going to the website, the upload speed on overseas servers is just slow. This is a known problem with windows.

Please Microsoft developers fix this issue. This problem or bug has been around for a very long time.

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@HotCakeX Are you a Microsoft windows developer?


If the Microsoft Edge Developers can optimise the Edge browser for for upload speed, that would be great.


Thank you

just helping you put your feedback where it belongs and makes a difference.
Yeah. A lot of people seem to think it's a windows thing. But it's not. As my evidence pics show this. The command line speedtest app works well in windows. So no, it's not windows. It's the web browsers. Like it's not properly ported to Windows.

Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer 


Melbourne Australia to Seattle

Reported it to windows feedback, not sure if any one has the power to fix this. :(
I have seen this issue for a while and sometimes updating the network driver fix the issue but it is not an issue with Microsoft Edge and it is issue in Windows (no matter what browser you are using). Sending feedback is the best thing to do (as you did).

Nope incorrect. I already done the network driver. You need to read all the post on the links bruh. Also check this

Cmon bruh, don't make yourself look bad

I hope they can chime in and fix this
You may post image directly in this post and no need to upload and share the link.
Like I said, updating might solve the issue but if not, you should share it through the Feedback Hub.
Yeah hopefully, although in feedback hub, usually feedbacks aren't paid attention to unless they have many upvotes.

I just noticed it's not only overseas but local too! :( Slow upload speed on a single thread test nationally.

Microsoft Edge vs Internet Explorer
Melbourne to Sydney to Melbourne, Single thread test.

Google Chrome has a new update. I decided to test it against Microsoft Edge

@Paulo1705 I fixed this by adjusting the onedrive network upload speed from automatic to the limit of the ISP. Go figure, but somehow Windows 10 and Edge uses these preferences.